Discussion in 'Private server Discussion' started by DarkBlueLagoon, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. DarkBlueLagoon

    DarkBlueLagoon Leecher

    I'm wondering if anyone still on here I like to learn and work with others to make some private servers for games if anyone up for it or teaching

    Don't worry I'm not a kid about to be in collage

  2. Droid

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    Welcome to droidmod this forum is only about 4 1/2 months old going on 5 next year. Not gonna lie that's about the time when i started learning the Android system myself, so i don't have that much knowledge yet to teach people on this subject but i do have 9 years of reverse engineering knowledge on PC games, and making hacks finding Pointers, OffSets, Bypassinging CRCs, and a lot of other fun stuff. You're more than welcome to stick around and join the journey and learn at the same time .

  3. DarkBlueLagoon

    DarkBlueLagoon Leecher

    Sounds great to me Got discord so we can chill in talk about stuff?

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