Private Server 寻龙诀 (PRIVATE SERVER, VIP) V1.000

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    Name: 寻龙诀
    Version: 1.000
    Root: No

    1, recharge ratio 1: 500
    2, on the line to send V6
    3, on the line to send, gold bars * 18888, ocean * 1000000, legislation to send physical strength of 500 points
    4, all stalls first to send 50% gold bars
    5, value on the card, buy immediately get 13888 gold bars, receive 1888 gold bars every day
    6, supreme month card: purchase immediately received 60,888 ingot, each day to receive 6288 gold bars, exclusive mall, exclusive activities

    Credits To: ?
    Playstore Link:
    xunlongjue_65536_342_7ptm-MX.apk - 218.9 MB

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